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About the Rish

Rish official was founded by three teens who were inspired by the potential of the content creation industry and the world of branding and entertainment. Their motto has always been to learn something new every day through experimentation, we believe in team work and team building.

Our Mission

The mission is to work with businesses and content creators to help them take their content to the next level. We offer services that make the process easier and less burdensome, while also focusing on the quality of the content. We want to help our clients create the best content possible and build successful brands.

Dream Team

Rishi Mailoorkar

Co-Founder/ Designer

Sourish Joshi


Shree pathak


Abhishek Maladar

Video editor

Subodh Dhoke

Video editor

Rizwan sheikh

Marketer/ Designer

Bhavya Patil



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Let's make your content a brand.Let's make your content a brand.We create awesome digital products.
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“ I'm so happy I found Rish and their team.
my content turned brand just spikes up
Every time we connect and get a new post up,
it's so good to work with them! ”
Chris Thomas
Youtuber/ Gamer
“ I always knew Rish was made up of the best techies,
I got them to set up my channel-media & they are just 🔥
I can tell they're passionate about their work,
it was really great! ”
Suyog Kulkarni
Youtuber/ Education
“ I can't say enough good things about rish.
I love Rish official.
The team is so helpful in my YouTube videos with their services
and I can't wait to work with them again soon ”
Arnav Arora
Youtuber/ Tech.